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Dr. Barrett provides natural looking results help accentuate your body profile in the best way possible. With subtle enhancements and adjustments to your cup size and overall shape, you’ll achieve that snatched look you’ve always wanted.


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“Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures I perform, as this procedure achieves dramatic and aesthetically beautiful results. It is a life changing operation for women who feel insecure about their breasts and that happiness drives my passion for this wonderful procedure. My focus with each breast augmentation patient is to provide natural-looking results. I don’t want anyone to know you have had surgery. A single operation can provide a natural, well-proportioned body profile while correcting breast unevenness, cleavage, and shape. There is no better confidence booster.”

-Dr. Barrett

Dr. Daniel Barrett

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Strengthen the Symmetry Of Body Profile

Restore Volume & Lift

Beautiful Cleavage and Fullness

Reverse Deformities Or Defects Of The Breasts

Benefits Of A Breast Augmentation

A two-step procedure that begins with removing fat from areas where you have an excess of stubborn fat cells such as the stomach, hips or outer thighs. The fat can then be transferred to your breasts for a more natural look and feel.

Fat Transfer to Breasts


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Breast reduction is surgery that produces smaller, more shapely breasts by removing fat and glandular tissue while tightening skin around the new contour.

Breast Reduction


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Breast augmentation is a type of surgery that adds fullness to the breasts by placing silicone or saline "Gummy Bear" implants into the breast pocket.

Breast Augmentation

With Implants



Picking Dr. Barrett— The Natural Plastic Surgeon of Beverly Hills, California

Dr. Barrett is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery-- The premier board of plastic surgeons.

  • Known for Natural Aesthetic Results
  • Specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose and body.
  • Developed Highly Detailed Scar Management Protocols and Closure Techniques to Reduce the Appearance of Sccars for His Patients.
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Caitlin S.

Dr Barrett and his entire staff deserve 6+ stars for the service they have provided me. From the first email I sent to me now being 2.5 months post op I have had the most positive experience I could have hoped for. The entire staff is warm, friendly, and well informed. Dr. Barrett takes the time to listen to what you want and to explain what is attainable. I had a breast augmentation and was worried about them looking too big and being noticeably fake. Not only did he assure me I'd get the natural results I was looking for, he delivered on that promise! I cannot express how much I love the results. Initially after the procedure Dr. Barrett checked on me upon waking up, explained how the surgery went, called me later in the day to check in again, and promptly answered any questions I emailed in the days and weeks following. I even received two dozen roses from the office! Each checkup has been equally pleasant from seeing the nurses for removal of stitches to seeing Dr. Barrett to asses the recovery process. My chest broke out after the surgery and the nurse recommended some skin care that took care of the problem immediately. I had a lump in my armpit that I was concerned about and Dr. Barrett took the time to examine it. Rachel who was my first point of contact has received endless emails from me and responds warmly and promptly every single time. I could go on and on. If you're thinking about a breast augmentation or any procedure with Dr. Barrett I cannot recommend him enough! You will not be disappointed.

Literally the best plastic surgeon with the best team ever! Dr. Barrett is extremely professional, smart, informative, sweet; I could go on and on. Dr. Barrett was the second surgeon I saw for my breast augmentation and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience.I came into my consultation knowing what I wanted, full B's/small C's. Dr. Barrett understood my concerns, answered all my questions, and educated me on everything I needed to know. I was very content with my consultation and put my deposit down for my surgery within the same day. I felt so confident knowing that he also specializes in women with smaller frames and not encouraging his patients to go bigger than they wanted.I am currently 5 weeks post-op and I absolutely LOVE my new breasts! They are exactly what I wanted them to be, and they even look and feel like they should have already been on my body. I am so happy with my results and finally feel like a woman! I haven't officially been measured yet, but I believe I am now a 32C.I can't thank Dr. Barrett and his entire medical and front desk staff for being so wonderful. Each one of them played an important part of my journey and I can't thank everyone enough. From my consultation to my recovery, I felt like everyone had their best intentions to keep me happy and healthy. Thank you for the most amazing experience a girl could ask for. Love you all!!

Monica S.

Marina del Rey, CA

Carson, CA

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